Big Hairy Monster

The outrageous frontman for Ran$om has teamed up with the oddball geniuses of Big Hairy Monster to provide Middle Ga. with a much needed kick in the nuts.....(or maybe that was just me).

Big Hairy Monster is a band of music afficionados who had gotten tired of the same old tunes being pandered around town. They started writing originals, and playing the covers that lesser bands were afraid to touch. This led to Big Hairy Monster being considered by many to be the "cream on top of the cream of the crop".

Then came the addition of LegenDerry Derry to the band as frontman. You may remember him from a band called Ran$om that rocked Middle Ga a few years ago.

Now the whole dynamic has shifted into high gear.

Perfectly performed covers AND memorable originals with one of the only REAL FRONTMEN in Middle Ga.  They believe crowd interaction is a big part of the show, so you should be ready for anything.

I feel there can be no debate: This band gives the most electrifying, over the top performance in Middle Ga.

The LegenDerry Big Hairy Monster Show.

Dragula cover

Clifford Treend - 478-922-2260
Foster McMullen (MusicMasters) - 478-396-9056


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