Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kaleigh Courson

Kaleigh Courson Brings it Back Home

Sweet Southern Charmer and a Disciple of Country Soul-Get Gone with Kaleigh

Try on Kaleigh Courson-
a 19 year old songbird with a voice that reminds you of how country music used to be. Her songs are as warm and comfy as the chair you made from the haybales in your Granddaddy's barn.....and just as real. Listening to "GONE" I am transported back to a bonfire, a pickup, and my youthful need to be free. Kaleigh is a gifted storyteller drawing tears, emotion, and excitement from you. If you can let go and allow her to, she'll take you on a ride through your life. You'll relive all the first kisses, the last looks, and the trials you triumphed over.

She is the answer to the bro country that has made so many "Outlaw Country" music fans squint and sigh. Thankfully, Kaleigh brings back the soul that has been missing in country music.

She really does do country right. Check it out for yourself...
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