Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ugly Fest 4

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On November 8, 2014, approximately 18 bands alternated between the bar stage and the front stage at the Plughouse in Columbus, GA for Ugly Fest 4. The show began at 2:13 PM with Bad Vibe giving off something that wasn't bad. Patrons were free to skateboard and bike at their own risk as bands played, making this entertaining for all, including Stuntcock. But with Positive Control, Raunchy Dead was very alive. I witnessed a brave ten-year old boy brilliantly rap his heart out and win this ugly crowd. D-Man and X-Ray Vision make you believe this is a Creeplist, but I assure you it is not. The crowd grows and punk lives even in V8 Death Car. There was so much punk, and so little time for Grass Putin, even though some carry Scars and Stripes. One band put out a flare of what I call "goth country," where it seems the Addams Family meets the steel pedal.
The Riggs punked the crowd as anticipated! Nik Flagster kept the flow. Sugar Virus cured my sugar craving as a three-piece, due to two illnesses, and rocked hard core! It is a good to know there wasn't a real Karbomb, The Harakiris, or Shehehe outside of music as they could hardly be more explosive. I didn't know Wayne's Friend, but never "Fallen," seVer managed to headline the show, serving up a strong dose of "Euthansia."

A day later, all of this music is still ringing in my ears and I cannot wait for Ugly Fest 5!