Thursday, August 28, 2014

seVer #SavetheScene

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I had the privilege of catching alternative/grunge band seVer recently at Back Porch on August 9. "The turnout was awesome, it was like we were a part of a movement or something," Nate shared. Evan Jones of World Demise stated that night, "if Helmet and Silver Chair had a baby it would be seVer!" Stick is doing the booking for the Back Porch and it is the alternative to other local places to play. We used to play Billy's, but everyone wants the cover bands and you can't get your foot in the door when you are different." It is a place where we can be ourselves and have great turn outs doing it. We can be original there." Nate considers the band to be the true meaning of alternative.

seVer began in 2011 with Nate Jackson on vocals and guitar, "Buddy Thunder" McElhenny was the original bassist and Cail "Boxxx" Huggins was on drums. Buddy was too young to play bars, so Clayton Defore joined but moved away soon after, causing a temporary split. The current members joined July 4, 2013. "Jesse (Blackburn) came over played drums for the first time and Buddy jumped on the bass." They have been hitting the stage and scene ever since!

Music has been Nate's dream since, "I was fourteen and saw Nirvana's Lithium Video when Kurt Cobain jumped through the drum set. I wanted a three piece band right then and there!"

Th spark of interest in music for "Buddy Thunder" was when I saw Cail "Boxxx" and Jesse jamming at Mini Mom's when I was like eight years old."

Jesse shared he became interested in music when he was at a Pep Rally in school and noticed the drums. Seeing other bands practicing in the Shed really made me want to do it!"

Well, Nate was one of the guys in one of the bands at the time. This is a chain of events that lead to 2004, Nate stated "I was practicing in FacedDown, practicing in The Shed at Mini Mom's. FacedDown broke up. Then Jesse and Cail started playing in the Shed, as Jesse was influenced by the bands he had seen play there. While Cail and Jesse were playing in The Shed, little eight year old "Buddy Thunder" walks into The Shed, he then wanted to play music as he was influenced by Cail and Jesse." "Buddy Thunder" is now playing music with his influences. How many musicians can say that?

Nate confided, "I feel like all the cover bands are making all the money, we are an original band. People seem scared to try something different. Rock is not dead." #Savethescene was created by Nate "to support the local music not just the old southern rock cover band, people trying to become their own with original music."

Up and Coming...
"here we are ten years later, and we won the first Battle Of Th Bands and were going to the finals! I didn't do it with FacedDown, I did it with my three piece."
seVer will be competing in the Battle of The Bands Finals at the Masquerade in Atlanta on September 7. Show begins at 4. Tickets are available at

The Plug House is in Columbus, Ga, seVer will play Ugly Fest 4 on November 8. As they also performed this show last year.

For the future, the main goal, "We should put out the first seVer album sometime next year - hopefully."

You can get more of seVer at