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Free Lance Ruckus

Genre: Mixture of many.
Members: Richard Martin, Emmett Hardwick, Chris Covey, Dustin McCook
Hometown: Haddock, GA

Mostly influenced by popular rock-n-roll of the sixties and seventies. Modern influences include Sublime, Phish, Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, 311, Rage against the machine, get the idea.

 Richard Martin (Lead singer) is a great showman, his vocals are in key, on time, and powerful. He can convey the emotion and attitude that the song requires and he does with gusto. He weaves together a tapestry of music that stretches across decades and genres and makes it look easy.

Dustin McCook (Lead Guitar) is widely regarded as a child prodigy. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked if I have heard about that 'new kid'. Now that I have seen him play, I know what everyone is talking about. He has the SRV tone NAILED. He's got the licks, but seeing him play is an added treat. This kid is BAD. Every moment he has his guitar in his hand, is a photo opportunity. He is definitley someone to keep an eye on as he continues forward.

Chris Covey and Emmett Hardwick hold down the rhythm section like seasoned pros, while Richard and Dustin tear up the stage, give musicians inspiration, and the crowd perspiration. These guys are a REAL band. Without a doubt; one of the best-kept secrets in Middle Ga.

Bit Covey has gotten the best videos of Free Lance Ruckus around.
Start checking out the Bit Covey videos here, but don't stop! scroll through them all....and then go catch 'em live.

Booking Agent/Press Contact
Jeanne Hardwick (478) 414 - 8322
Or contact Richard Martin through facebook



There is no way that i can adequately describe that which is Stoopgrass- Let's begin with experience- They are youthful and energetic with their eyes firmly affixed to life lived in the real world. Averaging 30 years old or so with more than 90 years of stage experience between them.

They will mostly play original music to the delight of aficionados of the craft. Their originals are nothing short of inspiring. One cannot help but be in awe of their delivery and power.

Matt Moncrief is a gifted singer/songwriter, but his strength lies in his ability to convey emotion and unbridled passion through whatever instrument he decides will most adequately fit the intent of the song. Travis Bryant is a Master Class guitarist whose searing lead lines are known to make the most hardened critic weep, and lesser guitarists give up in disgust. Chris Afful taking on the sultry saxophone duties; Carling Schatzman on drums, Alex Scarborough (member of nationally recognized Jubee and the Morning After) as percussionist, and Billy Lyons on bass, work together to set down the groove that carries the crowd through the ebbs and flows of sonic bliss.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Matt and have found him to be equal parts teacher and student. You get the feeling that Matt truly loves people, and he really wants to share with you all that he has. Travis works at Macon Music and I go there often in hopes of gleaning just a little of his knowledge and ability.

 I can't help but feel as though I have not been able to sufficiently express my love for this band. I am not alone, and when you experience them; I guarantee, you'll feel the same way.


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