What is Mid Ga Live?

I'm glad you asked.

MidGaLive is now a brick and mortar live music venue for all of you fresh local bands who need a place to gig....But it didn't start off that way.... 

I started a few years ago as my way of promoting the Middle Ga music scene...I had written articles on every musical act I knew of in the Middle Ga area (163 and counting).  We had decided to film and interview local bands to further get them some notoriety. We wrote articles to help bands learn how to book themselves, setup a PA system, how to price themselves and how to promote their band. was very popular and we were doing quite well with viewership.  

Sadly, I accidentally let the domain lapse and some Calvin Klein distributor out of Germany bought it (you can't make this stuff up). I sent letters to the new registered owners. I even spent a great deal of time using Google to translate some of my letters into German in the hopes that I could buy it back from them. Nothing.

FINALLY, The domain was available to purchase and I was able to get it back with all of my pageviews intact. <WHEW>

So let me just say I am sorry to all the bands that used my website to promote themselves. I let you down. You directed people to a glowing article about you from a great online magazine-and they ended up shopping for skinny jeans through a German department store website. Please forgive me. 

Not only is the website back up and running, but we now have a venue you can use to get your band the experience, publicity, and skill you need to take the country by storm. Let me know how I can help.


How to get a gig at MidGaLive

  If you are a new local band, WELCOME! It is my goal to revive Middle Ga's music scene by bringing new musicians into the fold.  Let me...