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Why does my band keep failing?

Having trouble getting success with your band? Yeah, I don't doubt it. There is ALOT of competition out there.

A great many of the bands out there playing are not as good as you, but they bring a crowd -so they'll get booked LONG before you and 3 times as often.

Of course sound quality is important, but without a crowd, your sound doesn't matter. Here are a few tips to help you build that crowd.

1. Always make the effort to make your crowd feel special. This means take the time to LISTEN to them when they are talking to you. They believe that you are worth the cover charge and are excited to have your attention. Listen to what they have to say and engage in true conversation with them. It goes a long way.

2. We musicians are a strange lot...we are arrogant and uncompromising, but often we need reassurance that our direction is right. We can get that from an outside source or build it in ourselves but having supreme confidence is like a poker player having an extra card.
Not Confident? GET confident.

3. Whatever you do....COMMIT to it. Don't go in tentative and apologetic. There is nothing worse than some middle-aged guy half-heartedly wandering his way through a Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, or Adele song. You're thinking of singing "Let it Go"? BELT it out. Some people might hate it, but at least they will respect the courage you had to give it your all. When I sing "Baby, One More Time" I give it all I've got. If passion pays the bills are paid: and everyone in the room knows it.

4. Stop compromising on the members you choose for your band. Wait for someone you gel with. Like a car, a band NEEDS a destination, guidance, and motion. If you ain't steering, why are you surprised when you end up in a ditch? TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BAND. Lead, guide and direct it. Sometimes that comes from a mutual understanding of 'common sense'. Sometimes someone has to step up and say, "NO. We need to spend more time promoting THIS show than trying to find another one next month.". Drive your snowmobile-It's cold out there.

5.  I'll also add, wait until you're ready before you get out there. You got a gig coming up? Are you at your peak performance wise? No? GET AT YOUR PEAK. You can't afford to put on a shitty show.
Don't know if you're ready? Then you're not. Stop booking gigs and go back to the garage. You're screwing up the music scene with your out of key, off time, amateurish demeanor. GET IT RIGHT. Then get out there and kick butt.

6. BRING a crowd. Nothing attracts a crowd, like a crowd. Promote. Advertise. Be consistent with your logo. Offer incentives to your followers. Know that your niche helps you target your customer. Know your niche. Dress for your niche. Name your band for your niche. Let your niche dictate your bands 'personality'. Your niche should be painfully evident in every ad, post, pic, comment or interview you do. YOUR crowd will be able to find you, and they will be more dedicated to you than the ones just looking for something to do. A RABID following of 20 is 10 times better than a "doesn't care" crowd of 100.

Now ......Quit whining and get to work.


Wayne Minor Band

2 keyboards, guitar and drums. An unusual setup to be sure, but the Wayne Minor Band makes full use of this setup to rock the crowd.

The songwriting will remind you of Leon Russell. The execution is flawless and the arrangement is painstakingly tight and purposeful, but doesn't lose that all to elusive feel.You won't spend a moment at a Wayne Minor Band show, wondering who else is playing around town. These guys know how to craft the soundtrack of your night. Check out this live recording done by Mark Foley:
 Wayne Minor Band Live at Fountainfest

This is one of the rare bands that other bands seek out to learn from.Don't pass up an opportunity to check them out live.


Phenomenal Cherry Blossom Music Tidbits

I attended the Cherry Blossom Festival Thursday, March 22, where I witnessed Bobby Ferguson perform his original song,"Carolyn," acoustically at the Cherry Blossom Festival. Amazing song writer! Bobby followed with three cover songs including Tom Petty's "Last Dance with Mary Jane."

Bobby spoke with me briefly after his performance on The Coca-Cola stage. This performance was actually a milestone for Bobby, who has not played for an audience in some time. Bobby had surgery five months ago in regards to a nerve in his right hand, with determination to play, Matt Moncrief worked with Bobby to help regain his ability to play guitar. With due diligence, Bobby plans to release an album in June with his band, Interlude featuring Matt Moncrief.

As Bobby and I spoke, Freejay took the stage and caught my attention with the energy coming from the stage! This three member rock band blew me away as the lead vocalist/guitarist swapped places with the drummer during their show. Freejay played original songs, "Price of Gas,""Notion of Fear," Disappointed," "Game," "Sleep," "A Place," and "Goat Man." Freejay also performed Sad'e cover "No Ordinary Love". Incredible talent to say the least! I spoke with band manager, Jessica, to assure I will collaborate more with these guys to get all the details!

I returned to the Cherry Blossom Festival for more music on Friday, March 23. This time I caught a young country music talent from Dacula by the name of David Leon! David has a star-like voice, considering he is only 19! David is quiet the entrepreneur, as he sells his own CDs and pictures (with his Mom's help). To deepen the experience, David is prepared to autograph his CDs and pictures for his fans! I certainly plan to share more about David Leon in the future!

As David Leon surrendered the stage, Louise Warren was the starlet with her scarlet guitar! This young artist strummed solo and sang her original songs for a growing crowd including "This Could Be Love," "Security Breach," "Tom Cat," "Every Soldier," "My Heart Is Yours," "Camaro," "Siren," "Lavendar Sound," and her country song, "A Little Bit Yours."

Louise Warren gracefully gave up the stage to Birmingham, Alabama talent Christa Jordan! Christa has a voice that reminds me of Paramore with a clean metal/rock vibe! This being the band's first show this year, Christa Jordan shared a brand new song, "Stand Against the Storm," with an unbelievable instrumental twist that reminds me of Nirvana. Christa expressed she turned to her faith at a time she felt insignificant and unloved and in turn she wrote a very special song called "Yours," that starts out with a solo acoustic guitar and is joined collectively by the band. Christa Jordan closed with another band original, as Christa introduced band mates(each with a solo part upon introduction): Brandon Watson on guitarist, Kyle Bolton on Bass, and Hunter Reid, on drums. The purple clad band continued to play "Dreams Come True," which cleverly incorporates Aerosmith's "Dream On" at the end and back into their original artistry. Amazing (I am so going to sound bias right now, but these guys were my favorite)!

After their riveting performance, Christa Jordan was ready to cash in on her talent as she and the band sold their new CD, "Dreams Come True," to fans! I should have made the purchase, I am ready to drive to Alabama for more! Definitely keep an eye out this rock goddess Christa Jordan in the future, if you are a rock/metal fan you will love her (and if she is willing to make the trip back to Macon, I will be there)!>
Other sites to follow Christa Jordan at:
Follow Christa on Twitter!

I would certainly say in two days, and only a few hours at the Cherry Blossom Festival, I took in five phenomenal performances!


Dance and Songbird Fever on First Friday

I discovered another side of downtown Macon on Friday, March 2!

On the first Friday of each month, throughout most of the year, dance lessons are offered at The Sports Hall of Fame at 7:30PM. My night began, despite my two left feet, as I was given a beginner's lesson in Rumba, The Electric Slide, and a Salsa variation, the name for which I do not recall!

The lessons are offered to all for a nominal fee of $5 per person, whether beginner, intermediate, or expert. This is a bargain and I am so appreciative to Mr. Dolan Maples for inviting me, as I plan to continue lessons!

I chose to walk to my next destination on this beautiful, unseasonally warm night. As I walked the 400 block of Cherry Street, an amazing talent caught my ear from Bearfoot Tavern. I stopped to savor my first moment of listening to Josh Carson! He is definately on my must catch list!

My night continued just down the sidewalk at The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom where I chatted with friends and witnessed another great performance by none other than Louise Warren! Louise opened her set with one of my favorites, "Tom Cat," (but then again, which Louise Warren song isn't my favorite?).

 Louise brilliantly interacted with the audience with her authentic, clever song "Stephen" and gained many new fans! Louise continued her fan-fare as she closed with her self described country song, "Little Bit", because she is a little bit yours!

Matt Moncrief & Stoopgrass promptly took the stage upon Louise's fabulous introduction! Stoopgrass played a phenomenal set, including crowd favorites "Enough" and "Winter"! Fortunately, their performance was being recorded for a live CD. Believe me, you are going to want a copy of your very own!

With so much excitement, it was sad to see the evening come to a close, but there is always the next big gig! I cannot wait!


Shawn Bradshaw

A Singer/songwriter with a pen dipped in whisky!!!
Shawn brings country boy grit to the artform. Great originals and catchy covers!
The ladies love Shawn, and he tries his best to love 'em back!
So, if you like Acoustic guitars, Coffee shop music, Country music, Original music, Songwriter, in and around Macon, Warner Robins, and Columbus- Shawn is your man!
Contact him on facebook here.

Jason Lowery

This guy is really putting his foot down as a musical giant in Middle Ga. If you haven't heard him yet, check him out!!!
His style is reminiscient of early Rehab. He has that professional work ethic so many up-and-comers miss, and he keeps his eye on the prize. Seriously. Give this dude a moment....he'll prove himself. He's gonna be famous. Count on it.

You'll find him listed in Acoustic guitars, Columbus, Hip Hop, Macon, original music, Pop music, Songwriter, Warner Robins

Just Us

Seasoned pro's who regularly sit in with touring acts-

Scott Pallot
Rhonda Porter
Gary Porter
Ken Wynn
Johnny Fountain
and occasionally Cal Miller!

If you have seen any big name act in Macon recently, One or more of these band members was probably on that stage, too! THIS is what live music is supposed to sound like!

Speshil K

Hip Hop from Warner Robins

Making his mark with an everlasting love of music, he pulls from a variety of influences to take his message to the street!

Facebook says:

 "Welcome inside the ever lucid mind of rapper/writer/singer/director Speshil K. From mixtapes to EPs to LPs he is ever changing the view of hip-hop into his perpetual playground of beyond "the sky's the limit" perception. So relax and learn from the ultimate student/teacher "Coach K" as he guides you down the road to hip-hop salvation."

I couldn't have said it better myself.    Check him out.....better yet, contact him on-


Louise Warren

True blue singer/songwriter! This pic says it all...

Contact her and check out her videos here

Matt Moncrief

Matt evolved from church choral boy to imaginative teen, fledgling artist, aspiring bass player and finally an open-eyed adult with the natural identity as a bona fide singer-songwriter. Born to an artistic family that counted his mother as a singer, his father as a guitar and piano player, his grandfather as a violin maker and his older brother Chris as his cohort in guitar lessons, Matt displayed his vocal talent as a child and became a regular soloist at his familys Baptist church in their hometown of Macon, Ga.

At the age of nine, he was given his first guitar and began taking lessons. A year later he picked up the bass and continued his training, which was focused on building from a classical foundation. By the time Matt was in sixth grade, he had secured his place as a bass player in his brothers garage rock band of high school seniors and playing regular gigs at local parties. When he wasnt playing in the band, he could still be found singing in his church choir under the watch of a methodic choral director, as well as attending summer camps and workshops focused on nurturing his artistry.

But it was at the age of 16 that Matt began solidifying his reputation as a talented musician. He and Chris continued playing together and inviting other musicians to join them. Eventually it evolved into the band Red Fish Blu Fish, a regionally acclaimed folk/alternative rock outfit that went on to record three CDs, make its way to college radio and tour the southeastern bar and festival circuit. All of this popularity was evidenced by a loyal and expansive fan base, one that frequently carried over to Matts solo shows. What started as a four-piece outfit ultimately returned to the Moncrief brothers combo.

After 10 years of playing together, Chris went on to become a music educator, classical music performer and family man. And while Red Fish Blu Fish occasionally reunites for select dates, the majority of Matts performances in past years have been as a solo artist. Now 32-years-old, Matt says he finally has enough life experience to call himself a songwriter. Although he began co-writing songs in RFBF, it wasnt until he left his teens that he felt comfortable personalizing his music.

Today, he is well known as the epitome of a 'player with passion'. Local artists are in awe oh his ability to put himself "in the music"- Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter, Scott Pallot, says "Matt bleeds every time he takes the stage."

 Although he retains an extensive cover repertoire to keep in tune with his audience, Matt remains focused on delivering a tight catalogue of original songs. In 2009 he founded "Stoopgrass", his full band outlet for original music.

Bruce Brookshire

Scott Pallot

Scott Pallot is the consummate professional artist. 14 Years spent in Nashville as a songwriter, he has made friends with some of the most recognizable names in the business.

 Quite flexible, he’s performed for three Presidential Inaugurations, the Olympics as well as Nashville’s premier listening room, the Bluebird Cafe. He not only performs cover tunes from James Taylor to Train, but is also writes his own songs that range in ages from eight to eighty.

While playing the Nashville scene in the nineties, he signed with a children’s label (Jimmy Jangle Records) and took the stage name Scooter. In one short year, Scooters album “Calling All Kids” was nominated for a Grammy and captured the Parent’s Choice Recording Honors. His second album “Miles of Smiles” won the American Library Ass. Most Notable Children’s Recording. Seven of his song from the first two albums played in rotation on a 24-hour Children’s Satellite Network; including his smash hit “Super Duper Dancing Sneakers” which spent six months on Radio Aahs(Radio Disney) Top Ten. His music is currently being played throughout the country on digital cable’s Music Choice channels.

He was also included in a compilation CD with Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Robin Williams. As Scooter he also enjoys touring with “Kidstock”, a troupe comprised of some the finest names in children’s entertainment.

Scott has enjoyed producing the music for his brothers (Flip Pallot) award winning ESPN show “Walkers Caye Chronicles”, and is now producing the music for his new show on the VERSUS sports channel “Flip Pallot Fishing the Keys”.

During his career in music he has enjoyed sharing the stage with Marshall Tucker, Charlie Daniels Band, Doctor John, Sub Dudes, Heart, Yoko Ono Band, Fresh Out, Tom Scholtz (Boston), Dobie Gray, Styx, Grand Funk Railroad, Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf, Loose Skrews, Christopher Cross, Jefferson Starship, Sammy Hagar, Blue Oyster Cult, Badfinger, America, Mitch Ryder, Jim Kimball, Joan Jett, Black Hearts, Rare Earth, Crystal Gale, Richie Havens, The Chambers Brothers, Three Dog Night, Dwight Yoakam and Waylon Jennings. Local artist Chris Neal says: "Scott Pallot is the kind of player, other players strive to be."

 His PA system designs have produced the tone, clarity, and 'crispness' envied by every acoustic musician who hears him. Kind and approachable, he has mastered the art of making friends with his audience. After 5 minutes of conversation, you feel as though he is a guy you would want to go fishin' with. Friend him on Facebook and catch his live show whenever you get the chance.

Eddie Stone & Rob Walker

Darin Curtis

Jason Taylor Hobbs

Singer-songwriter with a gift. Great voice, Great player. One of only a few real deal musicians in Middle Georgia!

Lately he's been hosting a few "Open Mic Nights" around the Middle Ga. area. He has a REAL PA system and his experience at running sound virtually insures that you will sound as good as you possibly can.
Jason has the wisdom and insight of many years in the music business, and a childlike excitement and wonder that comes with humility and a love of the craft. He's willing to share his well earned knowledge with anyone who feels they need it. He's one of the few musicians in Middle Ga. that I know I can trust to give me honest feedback; which is the gigging musicans' most valuable (albeit most elusive) resource.

He is a gifted player, a great singer, and all-round nice guy. His audience loves him because he genuinely loves them, and it shows in every song he plays.

Check him out any chance you get.

I had the pleasure recently, to catch him in a 'listening room' format which is very different from a bar gig. To fully understand what that is, read this.

  In a post regarding his performance in the Macon Music Listening Room, this summed it up....

"I was there and Ican only imagine how it must have been onstage-It's a lot more intimate than yelling "show us your tits" to a crowd of drunk,angry college chicks (at least the ones I have at my shows)...everybody in there was hanging on every word he said. I know it was nerve-racking as hell, but you couldn't tell by his performance. He did it with the personal attention he gives all his shows. But afterward, i could tell that he was awed and humbled by the experience. You did awesome Jason- I took alot from it"

You can find his schedule, here.
You can hear him and learn more about him here.

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