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Juliette Opry

Remeber that time that you were going through a particularly rough patch? Remember how that one song reflected what you were feeling, and it made you feel SO much better to crank it up and sing along? Sometimes, music does what nothing else on earth can do....It reaches in and gives us just what we need to make life easier to deal with.

The Juliette Opry offers that....
This locally-owned venue is open the first Saturday night of the month, March through November.

Local musicians gather up and jam on the front porch starting around 6 p.m. and then the featured act is inside on stage at 8 p.m. The venue generally features country, bluegrass and gospel, sometimes even a little Allman Brothers (Midnight Rider with a dobro is one of the most awesome things I have ever heard).
The venue is free but donations are accepted and needed for both the Artist and venue. They offer light refreshments, sodas, popcorn and homemade cupcakes at very low cost.
In today's ridiculous economy free is a good thing but they need folks and donations to keep this venue running. If you try them once I promise that you will come back .

The Juliette Opry cuts out all the fog and commercialism that distracts from the music. So, if at any point in your life a song has grabbed you by the heart.... You can relive those moments in Juliette.... at the Opry.

You can email us:
This is just one of the featured acts you'll find at the Juliette Opry!!


Shawn Bradshaw

A Singer/songwriter with a pen dipped in whisky!!!
Shawn brings country boy grit to the artform. Great originals and catchy covers!
The ladies love Shawn, and he tries his best to love 'em back!
So, if you like Acoustic guitars, Coffee shop music, Country music, Original music, Songwriter, in and around Macon, Warner Robins, and Columbus- Shawn is your man!
Contact him on facebook here.

Travis Denning

Definitely, Middle Georgia's next big export! Travis has the skills and depth of someone twice his age
Check him out here, and then find him performing...Get a Pic with him now...This dude is going to be the next Keith,...umm,..sorry...the FIRST Travis Denning.

Currently, he is recording a country album, but you can catch a glimpse of him working onstage with Homeless Hill- adding just a little more thrust to their already thunderous delivery, and teaming up with Josh Graff for some blues resurrection.

So, you're probably wondering; "He plays Country, Heavy Rock, and Old School Blues: What is HIS style?"
The answer is simple: He can't be restricted to a style. He controls you. He regulates your adrenaline, your tears, your memories. But he's so nice and humble you can't help but like him. He makes you search for a flaw, because he's so damn good, and you can't help but curse him for it.  I just realized I can sum him up with a line from Billy Corgan....
He will "disarm you with a smile, and cut you like you want (him) to."
 His unparalleled awesomeness makes me sick, and I love him for it.

Steve & Mike

Steve Holcomb (478-714-9300)

Jason Taylor Hobbs

Singer-songwriter with a gift. Great voice, Great player. One of only a few real deal musicians in Middle Georgia!

Lately he's been hosting a few "Open Mic Nights" around the Middle Ga. area. He has a REAL PA system and his experience at running sound virtually insures that you will sound as good as you possibly can.
Jason has the wisdom and insight of many years in the music business, and a childlike excitement and wonder that comes with humility and a love of the craft. He's willing to share his well earned knowledge with anyone who feels they need it. He's one of the few musicians in Middle Ga. that I know I can trust to give me honest feedback; which is the gigging musicans' most valuable (albeit most elusive) resource.

He is a gifted player, a great singer, and all-round nice guy. His audience loves him because he genuinely loves them, and it shows in every song he plays.

Check him out any chance you get.

I had the pleasure recently, to catch him in a 'listening room' format which is very different from a bar gig. To fully understand what that is, read this.

  In a post regarding his performance in the Macon Music Listening Room, this summed it up....

"I was there and Ican only imagine how it must have been onstage-It's a lot more intimate than yelling "show us your tits" to a crowd of drunk,angry college chicks (at least the ones I have at my shows)...everybody in there was hanging on every word he said. I know it was nerve-racking as hell, but you couldn't tell by his performance. He did it with the personal attention he gives all his shows. But afterward, i could tell that he was awed and humbled by the experience. You did awesome Jason- I took alot from it"

You can find his schedule, here.
You can hear him and learn more about him here.

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