ALL of us at MidGaLive.com are pushing for a better world. We want to educate the youth, highlight the positive, and bring communities together.

Many life skills get overlooked when raising children and we want to help. Dealing with bullies, opening a checking account, and filling out a job application- all get a little attention here.

Most news media look for the 'dirty laundry'. They sell papers by highlighting all the bad in the world. We want to focus on the positive. There's plenty of it out there and we want to inspire people toward positive action!

People naturally form into groups. It's how we feel safe, isn't it? But when we expand our comfort zone and meet new people with different backgrounds we find new perspectives. Varied perspective is the true source of wisdom and at MidGaLive.com we want to encourage that.
Some young people want to make a few extra bucks with a job of their own. They do things like babysitting, washing cars, construction, and landscaping. Our upcoming classified section will be a great place to find an enterprising young person who's just looking for a little work to do.
We will soon be adding articles from local teens and reviews of local teen bands!

If you are interested in writing for this site or for the newspaper that we will be publishing soon, fill out the contact form to the left.

Big things are in the works so keep checking in!

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