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Highclass and Homeless

A FIRED UP rap group from Macon/Warner Robins, GA formed by 2 former members of Sinville! these guys are really making a lot of noise and getting attention in Middle Ga.!!! If you can picture Hardcore HipHop meets an Electronics Doctor...."Boxxx" and "Famine" will help you to understand!

Famine-Vocals/Mad Scientist
Boxxx-Vocals/Laboratory Manager

You should check 'em out!!!




Endo (AKA Adam Thompson) exploded onto the Middle Ga. music scene with the very popular underground rap group Sinville. These days he is taking his message solo. Endo is the type of rapper you had better take seriously...All musicians have music in their heart, but Endo also has HEART in his MUSIC and MADNESS is his delivery system. Grab a telephone pole or something, cause this dude is going to BLOW YOU AWAY.

Check him out here-


Jason Lowery

This guy is really putting his foot down as a musical giant in Middle Ga. If you haven't heard him yet, check him out!!!
His style is reminiscient of early Rehab. He has that professional work ethic so many up-and-comers miss, and he keeps his eye on the prize. Seriously. Give this dude a moment....he'll prove himself. He's gonna be famous. Count on it.

You'll find him listed in Acoustic guitars, Columbus, Hip Hop, Macon, original music, Pop music, Songwriter, Warner Robins

Speshil K

Hip Hop from Warner Robins

Making his mark with an everlasting love of music, he pulls from a variety of influences to take his message to the street!

Facebook says:

 "Welcome inside the ever lucid mind of rapper/writer/singer/director Speshil K. From mixtapes to EPs to LPs he is ever changing the view of hip-hop into his perpetual playground of beyond "the sky's the limit" perception. So relax and learn from the ultimate student/teacher "Coach K" as he guides you down the road to hip-hop salvation."

I couldn't have said it better myself.    Check him out.....better yet, contact him on-


JuBee and The Morning After

If the name sounds familiar to you, it should. They've received accolades from across the country, and have opened for HipHop superstar "Pitbull". They've been on radio and television, most recently appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel LIVE." And if you're wondering...Yes. They do live right here in Middle Ga.
Dwayne "Jubee" Webb previously ruled the Middle Ga undergound scene as 1/2 of the cross genre/HipHop based duo known as City Council. "Jubee" is one of those guys with humility and grace off stage, but once on stage, he commands attention and delivers his marching orders with fire and force. Danny Davis lays down amazingly smooth funk/jazz bass lines and Alex Scarborough pounds out the beat from the back of the stage- together giving the music the backbone needed to deliver "Jubee's" lyrical onslaught. Child prodigy, Alec Stanley with his funky rock/jazz guitar completes the quartet.   
These guys compliment each other the way more bands should. No egos running wild here. They are a cacophony of flavors in a harmonious stew. "(Four) great tastes, that taste great together", if you will.

Check out this video....Notice the hook, the groove, the words. What more can be said?
 Find them on facebook

Book 'em !!! just call   478-284-3323

Or email at

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