$10 for me to book you a gig?

Yep. Let me explain.
I have been approached by 17 different musicians on the subject of booking. Each one of them tells me that I have a knack for sales. They say that I have been missing my calling, and my calling is as a booking agent or a promoter.

I have experience in sales and I seem to remember that I was pretty good at it. The problem that I ran into with sales is how mundane the field can be. It’s a numbers game and you have to get a certain number of no’s in order to reach your goal of yes’s.

It is also important to be a fan of the product. If you believe in something, it will come out in your conversation with the potential buyer. Once they believe that you believe in your product…you’re at least half way to closing the sale.
The number one problem salesmen have is asking for the money. A salesman can deliver the best sales pitch the world has ever seen, and the potential buyer is absolutely aching to make the purchase, and suddenly the salesman gets nervous. He gets nervous because he has finally reached the moment of truth. It all comes down to this. All the preparation, all the practicing, all of the cold calls have brought him to this one defining moment- and no matter how sure the salesman is that the sale is in the bag, he will get nervous at this moment. A “no” at this point will be devastating; so he’ll do almost anything to get a yes.

Chances are; he’ll totally blow it.
He’ll likely accept less than his asking price….Or he’ll agree to less than optimum circumstances, just to relieve some of the pressure and make the product or service EVEN MORE inviting. What he doesn’t realize is that the potential customer sees these “accommodations” as evidence that the salesman believes that the product isn’t worth the asking price; so he’ll lower it and ask again. The buyer now has it in his head that the prices are too high. He thinks this because this is what the salesman sold him on.
Knowing how to close the sale, and ask for the money have always been somewhat easy for me. At least, that’s what my supervisors, customers and coworkers have always thought.

Another problem salesmen have to confront is choosing a customer who would most likely be interested in the product for sale. Obviously, if you are selling 4 wheelers, a retiree is probably not going to be your optimum target.
 In order to leverage the odds in his favor, a car salesman will set up a lot full of cars that are for sale where potential customers will COME TO HIM! He knows they need his product, so part of the work is done. This is why this MidGaLIVE Music database is such a promising idea.

Booking bands is just another type of sales job. A good Booking agent will find a venue where your style would be popular with the patrons. Don’t send Holocaustion to a country and western night at some restaurant. The fact is-Lance will be fine and he will totally entertain these people -but that is not what he had in mind when it was booked.

Another thing the booking agent has to deal with is ensuring that the band doesn’t have any underlying issues at this particular venue. If the bass players ex-wife is the bar manager, chances are pretty good that the gig is going to suck. People can be very petty sometimes. Of course. You can’t be expected to know things like this….but you can bet that the bass player knows, and when the booking agent says; “I’ve got you booked at Rivalry’s Friday night.” The band will savor cancelling the gig at the last minute.

Finally, a problem that seems to always be an issue is the date of the gig. I don’t know how many times bands have told me that a particular date is available, and then after I book the gig- “Oh, damn. I forgot about the drummer’s girlfriend’s birthday….sorry.”
So; We finally come down to my explanation. You were wanting to know how I could book you a gig and you would only have to pay me $10. How I can I do this?….You are going to help me make the sale.

STEP ONE: Tell me WHERE you want to play.

First, you are going to find a venue that you believe you will do well in. Maybe you’re a biker, and this club has a “Bike Night”. Maybe most of the bands that play at this venue play a similar type of music but your band plays it better.  Whatever. It’s totally your decision, and one that I am not qualified to make.
Step Two: Tell me WHEN you want to play there.
Tip: When you are trying to make a sale, it sometimes helps to get the potential customer to say yes to you a few times leading up to the close. The idea is that the customer is agreeing with you which establishes a positive connection to you. So when you follow it with; “You’re going to love hearing my band.” The venue manager thinks, “You know what?.... I will!”
 If I try to book your band on a night that they historically have other things going on ( such as karaoke, open mic, trivia, poker, etc.) she will have to tell me no. At that point, I will have lost momentum. It is easy enough to find out if a day’s event is pre planned: while you’re there checking out the band, ASK SOMEBODY about the other things they do besides live music.

Step Three: How much do you want to charge this venue?
There are no set rules on this sort of thing. I know that some bands charge $100 per member of the band and encourage others to go no lower. This is totally your call, but if you are playing a venue that is out of town, you don’t want me to suggest you for $400 when everyone else is getting $600. Not only is it leaving money on the table, it makes you appear to offer a lower quality service than the next guy. Also, if they think that your band is of lower quality, they are not going to spend money to promote it. THEY WILL ONLY WORK HARD TO PROMOTE BANDS THAT THEY BELIEVE ARE GOING TO BE AMAZING. Setting the right price will help you convince them that you are just that AMAZING. Ask the band that is playing, about the bars budget, or act like a non-musician and ask a waitress “So how much do bands get paid?”

Step Four: Give me $10.
I will be paid before I do any work, AND I will be paid whether you get the gig or not.
I will NOT be booking your band. I WILL, however, contact the venue and tell them I am your booking agent. I will tell them that you are available on a certain date (the one you choose) which will be 2 months in advance. I will tell them that you normally play for more, but that you would be willing to play their venue for ‘X’ dollars which happens to be a little more than what the band that played last week did it for. I will tell them that, if they are interested, they will have to call you to confirm the details.
THEN, I will tell YOU the deal and YOU will book the gig.

Now, it is possible that you will pick a venue that doesn’t cater to your style. You may choose a venue that doesn’t consistently cater live music. Or, you may choose a venue who can barely afford $250 plus bar tab while you demand $500. Normally, a booking agent will be responsible for getting these details right and he will be able to navigate around these simple issues.
I am not a booking agent. I am a salesman.
I will sell the venue on the idea of you. That is all I promise. It is up to you to make your product and service worthwhile to the customer. I just tell them all about how your band is perfect for their venue. I tell them when YOU are available, and how fortunate they are to have this opportunity. I will tell them that your band is one of the best bands in Ga. and that your frontman makes the women go crazy. I will tell them that they are going to LOVE your band and let’s go ahead and nail this thing down.

Together, we won’t book every venue we try. But we will succeed sometimes, and the more we try, the better we will get at it. The more you try to find the venues that are good for you, the better you’ll get. No one can do this with %100 success.
 But with practice, we will get good at it won’t we?
Do you want more gigs?

Do you want to play out more often?
Do you want to make more money?
$10 per phone call is cheap, isn’t it?
Ok, then, let’s get started.
Now, at this point, you are probably itching to contact me. Don't. I don't do booking. This article should have given you ALL you need to know to do it yourself. Once you do it a few times, you'll realize how expensive the offer above is.
Get to work and quit trying to find someone else to do your job for you.

Good Luck! 



Back City Woods

Southern Americana at it's finest! These good ol' boys bring out the footstomping mountain man in ya.
Their energy is infectious and their style unique- but in the best way possible.

Just try to imagine a bottle of moonshine beside a spitoon; both being shaken off the stage by a crowd of college kids stomping to a set of  "homegrown country/bluegrass" flavored "GIT DOWN" music.

This is what your Grandma got aroused by when SHE was in college on Cumberland Mountain. The formula worked back then...and it STILL gets the ladies sweatin'.

For Booking: contact Adam Smith:  His email is.....    booking@backcitywoods.com


You can hear them here.
or Reverbnation



Big Ernie's Garage Band

A collection of historical musicians in the Georgia area that grew up performing in the 60's and 70's, now performing at special events and festivals. "We customize the gig to the age group" according to Ernest F. Rogers (percussionist, drummer and founder of the group). " We have performed in the past with Joey Stuckey as lead vocal and guitar." Basically we change the musicians to the demand of the event whether it is rock, soul, R&B, reggae, jazz or world music. Big Ernie also performs solo doing corporate events, parties and lectures at libraries / schools on art, music, culture, anthropology and music.

Contact (478) 414-6830.
and more info  here.
Rogers Entertainment LLC


The Missin' Links Showband

This band is FUN! Here's a list of the bandmembers...

Dusty Malone
Rocky Malone 
Killer Malone
Hatchet Malone
Caveman Malone
Slick Malone
Doc Malone
Sparky Malone
Crystal Malone
China Malone
Diamond Malone.

Ok, yes. It sounds like a bunch of gangsters and flapper girls got together and formed a band...And the name...The Missin' Links Showband makes me think that they all look like Sasquatch.....Far from it Ladies are gorgeous and the fellas are gentlemen. They've put the time in to get great at puttin' on a show and it is immediately apparent when the walk in the door!

"Georgia's #1 beach music band, The Missin' Links Showband, has been thrilling audiences throughout the southeast since 1965. The group's powerful horn and rhythm sections have been heard at venues like Savannah Ga's Oktoberfest, The Ga Peach Festival, The Ga Peanut Festival, The Cherry Blossom Festival, and many other private venues through out the south."

 "The Missin’ Links Showband is recognized as Georgia’s premiere oldies and beach music group. The group continues to perform at select night clubs, weddings, reunions, and corporate events. The sound that was born in 1965 has not changed, but has grown more powerful over the years. The music of a generation lives on in The Missin’ Links Showband."

Check 'em out here!


Rough, Rowdy, a little bit Raunchy, and a Guaranteed GOOD TIME!

"Dave and Glenda Smalley. Dave has been playing guitar now for 47 years, and his beautiful wife is his drummer. Dave will write and record his music in his studio, "Howling Dog Studio", using an array of guitars and bass guitars, along with mandolin and other string instruments. Dave's influences include Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Pink Floyd, and Jeff Beck.
This CD is an interesting mix of rock, jazz, and other styles making our music hard to nail down into just one genre. We strive to be original, thus allowing the element of surprise while listening to our CD to be an important factor. Hopefully, the end result is like "taking a ride" while listening to our music. (Best if listened to at level 11, meaning, if it's too loud, your too old!) Be sure to listen to one of our favorites..."The Happy Buzzard" Dedicated to our very good friends in Ohio, Frank and Di."

Check 'em out here!

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Welcome to the MidGaLIVE Database!!

We've put a lot of bands on this site, and we hope you will be a part of the solution!

Bands in Middle Ga have a unique problem. We push for a musically innovative future, while simultaneously giving a nod to our innovative past. We had the Ga Music Hall of Fame- and we lost it. Sadly, it was a long time coming. There just wasn't enough interest in the area to support it, and unfortunately, not much has changed.

We have a GREAT music scene here in Middle Ga., and the more attention that is brought to our musicians and venues, the more attention will be brought to the area.

Many bands from here travel all over the state. They are the ambassadors of our area. Let's help to promote them as just that- Great bands seeking Great venues!

When someone is looking for a band and /or venue to entertain their guests ( local venue, private party, wedding, or corporate event), they can see us ALL here! This will also open a few doors for those of us who don't get the high profile gigs, or those of us that have a very limited internet presence.
Here's how you can help....

1. Go through the archive and find a band or venue that needs your help!! Or, choose a band or venue that you are familiar with.

2. Post a comment to let people know about them. Links to their Facebook pages, fan sites, Youtube videos; Anything you think will help build attention for them!

3. If you notice a band or venue is missing, (or if they are no longer in business) fill out the contact form and post a comment there. Tell me who they are and whatever info you know. I'll fix it. Quick.

I will promote this little site as much as I can, and we hope you will, too. 

Thanks for helping the MidGaLIVE music scene! Hope to see you out!!!


Highclass and Homeless

A FIRED UP rap group from Macon/Warner Robins, GA formed by 2 former members of Sinville! these guys are really making a lot of noise and getting attention in Middle Ga.!!! If you can picture Hardcore HipHop meets an Electronics Doctor...."Boxxx" and "Famine" will help you to understand!

Famine-Vocals/Mad Scientist
Boxxx-Vocals/Laboratory Manager

You should check 'em out!!!



A Heavy Rock trio with heavy breakdowns, powerful choruses and a great stage presence.

Nate Jackson - Guitar/Vox
Cail 'Boxxx' Huggins - Drums
Seth Fort - Bass

Check 'em out here!!



THANK YOU SO MUCH. This has been a lot of work, and I appreciate your contribution!

Thank you!



Endo (AKA Adam Thompson) exploded onto the Middle Ga. music scene with the very popular underground rap group Sinville. These days he is taking his message solo. Endo is the type of rapper you had better take seriously...All musicians have music in their heart, but Endo also has HEART in his MUSIC and MADNESS is his delivery system. Grab a telephone pole or something, cause this dude is going to BLOW YOU AWAY.

Check him out here-

Hey, you forgot somebody!

I did?  Post their name and any info you have about them. Thanks for helping me out!!

T shirt logo!!

The Fresh Heat Band

Rock and Blues Covers! With a setlist that pulls the hits from the past 40 years; The Fresh Heat band will keep the party two-steppin' and electric sliding until well into the morning!

Find out where they are playing next and put on some comfortable shoes....You'll be on your feet all night!

The whole band is well known around MidGa:

"Trippin" TINA WINN -Percussion & vocals
JARVIS "Cowboy" COACH -Lead Guitar & vocals
"Rockin'" ROBERT DEMILLE- Rhythm guitar & vocals
PAUL "Wild Man" WINN-Bass guitar & vocals
RUSSELL GIBSON -Drums & percussion

IF you are searching for Blues, Country music, Entertainers, Hard Rock, Pop music, Rock and Roll, Rockers, or Southern Rock, for a Wedding band, or  Corporate Entertainment in and around Columbus, Warner Robins, or Macon-
Contact Paul for booking : paulgordonwinn@yahoo.com



Mama T and Mark

Acoustic duo with passion!!!

Tasha Keeble has the heart and soul of a blues singer, with the Vocals and Harmonica to match.

Mark Johnson is a multi-facted musician; playing...Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin, Harmonica and Vocals.

When together, they pull you in with the searing music and passion that makes you want to be on stage , too.

This is the real deal ya'll! Hearing is believing!

 Mama T and mark offer Acoustic guitars, blues, Country music, and Southern Rock, in and around Columbus, Macon, and Warner Robins!

Contact "Mama T" by email here
Contact Mark Through facebook here


Little George and Last Call

Great band! Playing alot of those 70's and 80's favorites that you don't get to hear enough!

You have GOT to check them out!!!
They'll pull out blues, Country music, Southern Rock classics! You'll get to find them Columbus, Macon, and Warner Robins areas!

LIL GEORGE in My Photos by GEorge SKInner last call



Sean Williams, Jacob Bruner, Steven Coley, and Patrick Mcafee.........

Young, but surprisingly experienced, group of gifted musicians. I expect Middle Ga. to be a speck in their rearview mirror very soon. Equal parts musicians and showmen, they win the hearts of the ladies and the respect of the most hardened critics. This is the type of band that Middle Ga. has been missing.

From the Beatles to Modest Mouse they'll blow you away with Alternative Music, Blues, Pop music, Rock and Roll, Southern Rock, original music. Great for Corporate Entertainment, or as a Wedding band!

'Like' them on facebook.

Check out some early video!


B Keith Williams

B Keith Williams has performed in more shows than anyone in Middle Ga.

He will sometimes play bass with his feet while simultaneously singing and playing lead guitar. He has the most varied set list of anyone in Middle Ga.. B. Keith Williams can fill a night with Southern Rock, Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Beach Music, and originals.

Great showman! He engages the crowd like no one else can.

Contact Info: (478) 757-0250 home
                  or(478) 335-8117 cell
Email: BKeithWilliams@gmail.com

Shawn Bradshaw

A Singer/songwriter with a pen dipped in whisky!!!
Shawn brings country boy grit to the artform. Great originals and catchy covers!
The ladies love Shawn, and he tries his best to love 'em back!
So, if you like Acoustic guitars, Coffee shop music, Country music, Original music, Songwriter, in and around Macon, Warner Robins, and Columbus- Shawn is your man!
Contact him on facebook here.

Old Man Shoes

From their facebook fan page:

"Old Man Shoes...If that name doesn't spark a nod of interest then the songs they seem to pull straight from the foggy banks of your mind should. Its almost as if they went through your old, dust covered collection of cassette tapes and CDs and pulled select gems to insert that all too familiar feeling. While the energy of this group has an odd presence, it seems to effortlessly flow into the audience giving the sense "we are all in this together". If your looking for the everyday safe and tried covers this band is probably not for you. But, if you are looking for that nostalgic, not everyday tune, nothing is quite as comfortable as Old Man Shoes."

Email for booking- oldmanshoesoms@gmail.com

Jason Lowery

This guy is really putting his foot down as a musical giant in Middle Ga. If you haven't heard him yet, check him out!!!
His style is reminiscient of early Rehab. He has that professional work ethic so many up-and-comers miss, and he keeps his eye on the prize. Seriously. Give this dude a moment....he'll prove himself. He's gonna be famous. Count on it.

You'll find him listed in Acoustic guitars, Columbus, Hip Hop, Macon, original music, Pop music, Songwriter, Warner Robins

Just Us

Seasoned pro's who regularly sit in with touring acts-

Scott Pallot
Rhonda Porter
Gary Porter
Ken Wynn
Johnny Fountain
and occasionally Cal Miller!

If you have seen any big name act in Macon recently, One or more of these band members was probably on that stage, too! THIS is what live music is supposed to sound like!


§       Gutter Rock Hair Band        
        11TH HOUR READERS CHOICE 2008-2009-2010 BAND OF THE YEAR
Hardrockin80’s.com Atlanta Hard Rock Band of The Year 2009

        Contact them at
          Gig Salad or
          REVERBNATION says...

   Rockin For "TEN Years" 2 FINGER JESTER HAS GROWN INTO GEORGIA'S NUMBER 1 LIVE BAND & One Of The Most Iconic Bands In Georgia

      BOOK 2FJ'S 10th Year Anniversary Tour 2012 to your venue 
      Bring 2FJ to your venue in 2012 contact 2fingerjester@cox.net for all SouthEast booking information..... 2FJ brings you the BEST in LIVE MUSIC playing straight up guitar fueled ROCK..... 2FJ is one of the largest crowd drawing bands in Georgia playing alot of the 80s Hair Metal as well as current and past rock hits Everyone knows every song that 2FJ plays........ Any questions about 2FJ or for a EPK please contact the band either through Facebook or e-mail 2fingerjester@cox.net


Q-106 Macon Ga-478-646-0106
Rock 103-Columbus Ga-706-323-3103
Rock 100.5-Atlanta Ga-404-741-7625
Rock 105-Jacksonville Fla-1-888-ROCK105
Project 961-Atlanta Ga-404-741-9696
WPTS 92.1-Pittsburgh Pa-412-648-7900
Jack FM 96.3-Nashville Tn-615-737-9696

Shane Couillard

     Solo Acoustic Guitar. Plays Country music, Pop music, Southern Rock, and blues in and around Columbus, Macon, and Warner Robins


One Bad Catholic

"Folkfunk, Pop and Americana"

I have yet to asee this young man perform but his facebook page has me intrigued!

Check him out!!!

Fair Weather Pilot

Rock, Southern Rock, and Blues- these guys have been kicking around Middle Georgia for 12 years now; and kick it they do. Real pros. They do it for the love of it, and it shows.

Ches Cheshire
Ken Wynn
Greg Mckinney
Tim Pinson
Greg Daniel
and Sammy Deep

Contact them through facebook

Alternative music, blues, Country music, Hard Rock, Pop music, Rock and Roll, Southern Rock! Working around Columbus, Macon, and Warner Robins! They would be great for Corporate Entertainment, or a Wedding band.

Speshil K

Hip Hop from Warner Robins

Making his mark with an everlasting love of music, he pulls from a variety of influences to take his message to the street!

Facebook says:

 "Welcome inside the ever lucid mind of rapper/writer/singer/director Speshil K. From mixtapes to EPs to LPs he is ever changing the view of hip-hop into his perpetual playground of beyond "the sky's the limit" perception. So relax and learn from the ultimate student/teacher "Coach K" as he guides you down the road to hip-hop salvation."

I couldn't have said it better myself.    Check him out.....better yet, contact him on-


X's 4 Eyes

I don't even know what to say about these guys! Metal funk is a great description! I want to go see them just because the have a guy in the band named "Heavy Bob" who is credited with "guitar, printers"

Book them through

 Insurrection sound (478) 397-0387


§    I absolutely LOVE these guys! They are heavy. Yes. Heavy. But the lead singer has a Great voice! He sings loud, no "offkey" issues here. They tackle the hard and heavy, well known songs that other bands can't and pull them off flawlessly!

If you get a chance to hear them, DON"T MISS IT!



Here's another great party band!
These guys hold nothing back! They'll pull out songs that you haven't heard in years, and mix them in with all of the hard rockin' well known songs you can't help but sing along with.

§            FaceBook- Ransom (official fan page)

Yester Daze Rock

This is one of those bands you either love or love alot! They are a 5 piece, playing Classic Rock and Blues,
and they do it right!

For booking, call Pete Burcham  (478) 213-6557


80's, 90's, and Modern Rock!! Great sound! Alternative music, Hard Rock in and around Warner Robins, Macon, and Columbus!!

When Tim Burris, (the tall, dark, and handsome lead singer of this outfit) called on Lewis Smith to round out the lineup, he was really showing off his genius.

Lewis is exactly what FailTrain needed. Sure they were a force to be reckoned with before , but with Lewis onboard the whole dynamic shifted; the song selection changed ever so slightly, and the overall sound quality was boosted to 11.

Today, FailTrain is beyond compare. No other band in Middle Ga. commands the same attention. Don't miss an opportunity to check these guys out.....while you can still catch them locally.

Check 'em out!!!

Campbell Airlines

Campbell Airlines is Mark Campbells project, pulling together the awesome musicianship of Tony Gainey, Bill Pappas, Tyler Hudlin, and the vocal talents of Mike Cantrell, his son Mikey, and his daughter Betty.
They play a wide variety of covers from country to hard rock and much in between.
This band really knows how to belt it out. They get the crowd up moving, and the party groovin'! Contact them through facebook here

Frances and Michelle

Female vocal/piano duo. Also members of The Neon Jug Band and the Air Force Band and have performed around the world with artists such as Daughtry, Blues Traveler, Wynonna Judd, Lee Greenwood, Jamie Oneal, and Take Six.

Wide variety from Elton John to Lady Gaga and just about everything in between .

Also available for restaurants and private parties .
Facebook says:
"Fabulous female duo rocking out on piano and vocals. We perform pop, rock, easy listening, and heart wrenching ballads....."

I don't think they dress this way onstage, but if they do; who cares? They sound as good as they look!

Louise Warren

True blue singer/songwriter! This pic says it all...

Contact her and check out her videos here

Just Friends

Are you in the mood for some music for grown folks? These guys are a GREAT R&B band! I found them playing at Applebee's on Riverside Dr. (YES. Applebee's) They are a full 6 piece band, and they play GREAT! I heard them soundcheck with The Temptaions' "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone", and NAILED IT! No horns here, but the keyboards did the trick. I have seen most bands in Middle Ga. and I have to put these guys in the top 2%.  Definitely cream of the crop.

They're pretty new, so at this point there is no FB page. But you can call any of these guys for booking info: Michael Horgerbrook- 478-978-2987
Johnny Johnson- 478-978-9763
Wilke Hill  478-731-7443


Down and Dirty Rock/Metal band! This is how you get the crowd moving!

For booking, call (478) 216-0282 or (478) 320-6477

Joey Stuckey

How can I describe Joey Stuckey?

Well... He owns Shadow Sound Studios....He owns Senate Records....and he teaches Music and Marketing at Mercer University.

This would be a pretty good accomplishment for anyone.

Oh that's not enough? How bout this.......?

He graduated high school at 14, He is an AWARD WINNING guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio and TV personality, music columnist, inspirational speaker, and sound engineer. He began his musical career studying with renowned guitarists Stanley Jordan and Steve Crowell.

All of this is pretty incredible, for sure...
But there's more.

 He has shared the stage with Ted Nugent, Bad Company, Trisha Yearwood, James Brown, Clarence Carter, Wet Willie, the B-52's, Kevin Kinney (of Drivin' and Cryin'), and Smashmouth.

He fronts an allstar jazz band and a power rock band -The Joey Stuckey Trio

OH. Did I mention he's been blind since he was an infant?

His list of accomplishments seems neverending, even that of legend.... but accolades aside, How does he SOUND?

Here he is on youtube doing Stevie Wonder's Superstition. Even with the poor sound quality of this fan recording, it is obvious that Joey has a gift. He would be the perfect musician for ANY circumstance!

Channel 41 did an article on him.
and now he hosts Studio 41....WMGT TV's outlet for Local Music
You can check it out ...Here
or his radio show at Joey Stuckey's audio-style
also being broadcast at www.artistfirst.com

Email contacts joey@joeystuckey.com

Shane Bridges

If you've never heard of Shane Bridges, you have missed a lot of great opportunities!

Shane is a local legend, and his credits are too numerous for me to even get started here! Tasteful and talented doesn't even BEGIN to describe this dude. He's got the chops onstage, and cool and friendly off. The guy is awesome! He's one of the go to pro's for groups traveling through as far away as Atlanta, Valdosta- you name it. Check him out here. You'll be glad you did.


This is one AWESOME band! They can put on a show, and when you close your eyes The Skeeterz have it dialed in right to give you the aural experience of hearing the original artists!!! Their new original music is bound to be fantastic. In my humble opinion, this is the best sounding band in Middle Ga.

For Booking contact:
Richard Woods 478-290-7045
or skeeterz.rock@gmail.com     

Or on facebook

2New Skrewz

I 'm looking for info on these guys!

New Skrewz

Looking for info!

A2Z band

That's their name, and they play just that- "Everything from A 2 Z!" This is one of the best bands in Middle Ga. right now, and always looking to energize a party!

Contact them through facebook

Here they are, doing what they do!

This pic says it all!

The Wall

These guys have been playing together for a LONG Time!!! Few bands have made their mark on Middle Ga. that these guys have! Get to know'em! You'll understand! The Wall is SOLID!

For Booking Contact Bruce-  (478) 987-5483

Midnight In Macon

Rock, Blues, Country music, and a little bit of everything else!!! They do it all and do it well!

 Cliff Howard 478-228-0633

Trap County

Self described "Swamp Stomp" style invokes visions of hard rockin, cajuns, gettin' their metal on: and that's not too far from the truth.
 Check out their website http://www.trapcounty.com/biography.html


Celebration was originated in 1995 by a collection of professional musicians from several rock 'n roll bands. We all have the same interest to provide the best music for a diverse audience. Our approach has proven to be extremely successful in that we are not one type of band providing one type of music. Celebration offers you a variety of music styles to choose from. You pick the music that is right for your event, everything from the hottest music on the charts today to classics from the 50s and 60s.

The band consist of high level professional entertainers including:

Sharron Wilhelm
Bill O'Neal
John Cornacchione
Keith Smith
Chuck Hutcheson
Dennis Herbert
Foster McMullen
Tim Alexander

This band is crazy good, and can play it all with heart and soul. They are the perfect addition to Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Fund Raisers, Festivals, Fairs, Dance Events, Conventions, Class Reunions, Anniversaries, and Birthday Parties.
Contact John for booking:

American Lesion


1070 Skum

John Stanley Band

John Stanley Killingsworth, known as Stan Killingsworth, toured with the Bobby Whitlock Band soon after Bobby relocated to Macon after working with Blind Faith, with Eric Clapton, and Stevie Winwood. Bobby went on to work with Delaney and Bonny as well as George Harrison.
Stan also toured with The Brooks Brothers Band featuring Tim Brooks. Tim Brooks won Best Overall Guitarist as well as Best Slide Guitarist in Guitar Player Magazines' 25th anniversary international contest in 1992.
Stan performed with Moondawg, Midnight Bluez, Cosmic Groove, Soulshine, and The Tony Tyler Trance, as time flew by.
Well, get ready for his next project, The John Stanley Band. If you are looking for a cool blend of blues, classic rock, southern rock, and originals, the John Stanley Band will treat you to a multitude of musical styles across several decades.
Don't miss The John Stanley Band when they come to your neck of the woods.

Genres: Rock / Classic Rock / Southern Rock
Label: CrossChart Records, Cross Chart Records (478) 737-2077
Management: CrossChart Entertainment Group


Soulshine, Macon Georgia's Allman Brothers Tribute Band, is available for bookings. Call Stan Killingsworth at 478-290-0339.

Soulshine, Macon Ga's Allman Brothers Tribute Band, was founded by Stan Killingsworth in the summer of 2009 in an attempt to recreate the awe and powerful vibes of the live Allman Bros experience. Not only do they play the hits, they tackle the more lengthy and experimental of the Allman's jams. Soulshine has gathered quite a following around Macon, Ga having played the after parties for the Allman Brothers Band, the GABBA festival, and their annual Skydog festival after party at Grant's Lounge. They can also be seen regularly at Macon's hottest spots such as The Wild Wing Cafe, The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom, and Grant's Lounge. Soulshine has also gathered quite a following in Macon and Valdosta regularly playing fraternity parties. Stan also found the group in an attempt to let his own soul shine.

Travis Denning

Definitely, Middle Georgia's next big export! Travis has the skills and depth of someone twice his age
Check him out here, and then find him performing...Get a Pic with him now...This dude is going to be the next Keith Urban...er,...umm,..sorry...the FIRST Travis Denning.

Currently, he is recording a country album, but you can catch a glimpse of him working onstage with Homeless Hill- adding just a little more thrust to their already thunderous delivery, and teaming up with Josh Graff for some blues resurrection.

So, you're probably wondering; "He plays Country, Heavy Rock, and Old School Blues: What is HIS style?"
The answer is simple: He can't be restricted to a style. He controls you. He regulates your adrenaline, your tears, your memories. But he's so nice and humble you can't help but like him. He makes you search for a flaw, because he's so damn good, and you can't help but curse him for it.  I just realized I can sum him up with a line from Billy Corgan....
He will "disarm you with a smile, and cut you like you want (him) to."
 His unparalleled awesomeness makes me sick, and I love him for it.


Jrunk Drawer

David Brockway

Papa Bear Unplugged

 acoustic duo

Papa Bear

The Haints

contact Amber Pierce

The Vineyard

Amber Pierce


The Quantum Penetrators

Hard to Handle Band

Psyk Nyne


Winn GBG



Southern Crossroads

Brett Mathews

Chris Hicks

Homeless Hill

From their facebook info: Because it is SPOT ON.
Born in the blazing heat of a Deep South summer in 2009, the award winning band Homeless Hill quickly developed a local following that outstripped their expectations. While performing to live audiences with hook-driven originals and innovative covers that off-set their tight rock riffs, the guys, front man and songwriter Darin Curtis, drummer Danny Savage, and bassist Adam Crump collaborated to create “Set It On Fire”, their first full-length album, which has now reached the ears of thousands and innumerable people through airplay, iTunes, and live shows at venues and festivals throughout the Southeastern U.S. "Set It On Fire" has been described by newspapers as "11 tracks of gut-check rock n roll!"

Now with their fourth member, Travis Denning on lead guitar; Homeless Hill is evolving and working on a sophomore album that is sure to set the rock scene ablaze yet again. Influenced by rock n roll greats such as Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus and Alterbridge; this hard hitting quartet plan to burn it down, one song at a time.

Anyone who has had the experience of seeing Homeless Hill perform live will be sure to tell you about an amazing show, the dynamic stage presence...and as Chris Horne of the Macon Telegraph writes, “relying on their powerful hooks, and vocal harmonies, if you catch one of their live shows you may just become one of the Homeless ‘homies’...”
Rachel Helie, writer and contributor for the 11th Hour HoCo states, “There is more to rock and roll than sex and drugs. Its takes hard work, focus, and sheer force of will. If anyone is going to prove that it’s going to be Homeless Hill.”
Homeless Hill has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with legends such as Doc Holliday and Wet Willie. With their whole career ahead of them "The Hill" has higher aspirations even still. So in the immortal words of "Homeless Homies" everywhere can we get a big "Hill Yeah!?"
Check out their video and then ask yourself... Where are they playing next?
You're gonna want to get there early.

I witnessed a show recently at the Cavern and my impression was consistent with everything I had heard so far. These guys rock. If there is a better Hard Rock band in Middle Ga. I'd love to see them. The parking lot was packed- seriously- there was NO place to park. I have never seen so many people in the Cavern before.

I could try to explain to you that they had some complicated guitar work going on....Or I could try to describe the mix  which was pretty close to perfect....But none of that will convey the message appropriately to the average person.   How 'bout this; every good looking chick in Middle Ga. was there, banging her head and singing along to every word.I have yet to hear anything negative about this band....and in Middle Ga., that alone speaks volumes.
Watch this video. Then find them on facebook.

Dwayne Boswell

Matt Moncrief

Matt evolved from church choral boy to imaginative teen, fledgling artist, aspiring bass player and finally an open-eyed adult with the natural identity as a bona fide singer-songwriter. Born to an artistic family that counted his mother as a singer, his father as a guitar and piano player, his grandfather as a violin maker and his older brother Chris as his cohort in guitar lessons, Matt displayed his vocal talent as a child and became a regular soloist at his familys Baptist church in their hometown of Macon, Ga.

At the age of nine, he was given his first guitar and began taking lessons. A year later he picked up the bass and continued his training, which was focused on building from a classical foundation. By the time Matt was in sixth grade, he had secured his place as a bass player in his brothers garage rock band of high school seniors and playing regular gigs at local parties. When he wasnt playing in the band, he could still be found singing in his church choir under the watch of a methodic choral director, as well as attending summer camps and workshops focused on nurturing his artistry.

But it was at the age of 16 that Matt began solidifying his reputation as a talented musician. He and Chris continued playing together and inviting other musicians to join them. Eventually it evolved into the band Red Fish Blu Fish, a regionally acclaimed folk/alternative rock outfit that went on to record three CDs, make its way to college radio and tour the southeastern bar and festival circuit. All of this popularity was evidenced by a loyal and expansive fan base, one that frequently carried over to Matts solo shows. What started as a four-piece outfit ultimately returned to the Moncrief brothers combo.

After 10 years of playing together, Chris went on to become a music educator, classical music performer and family man. And while Red Fish Blu Fish occasionally reunites for select dates, the majority of Matts performances in past years have been as a solo artist. Now 32-years-old, Matt says he finally has enough life experience to call himself a songwriter. Although he began co-writing songs in RFBF, it wasnt until he left his teens that he felt comfortable personalizing his music.

Today, he is well known as the epitome of a 'player with passion'. Local artists are in awe oh his ability to put himself "in the music"- Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter, Scott Pallot, says "Matt bleeds every time he takes the stage."

 Although he retains an extensive cover repertoire to keep in tune with his audience, Matt remains focused on delivering a tight catalogue of original songs. In 2009 he founded "Stoopgrass", his full band outlet for original music.

Pier 6 brawlers

Hott with Harry Leggs

classic rock and roll good time party jam band
Randy, Sherry, and Shawn Peterson, Joel Holtz, Bobby Carr
Record Label
born to be wild.
Current Location
Nashville ,Tn.- Milledgeville, Ga.----touring the Southeast,U.S.A.
General Manager
Bobby Vandiver
Artists We Also Like
any hot guitar players
hot guitar players
Band Interests
making music,eating ,sleeping,traveling in the wonderful U.S. of A.
Press Contact
Bobby Carr 770-710-4027 Randy Peterson 478-456-5745
Booking Agent
Bobby Vandiver 478-696-0365



Monster party

Road Pizza

Bruce Brookshire


Bill Stanley 1-478-320-1541

Lewis and Matt

Lewis Smith is a local Hard rock favorite! His band, the Hollow, still recieves accolades and air play for their freshman album. Sadly, members of the Hollow are spread as far away as Arizona and California, and there are no plans of a reunion at this time.

Matt Lang is the frontman of Great White Lion Snake; a full on, blast from the hair-band past that takes you back to the hard-rocking party you had during the late 80's/early 90's. They still tour and do well, but when he gets a chance to go acoustic....He calls Lewis.

Lewis and Matt is the acoustic duo that plays all of the hard rock, heavy metal, songs but they do it on acoustic guitars. That means, you'll get the big party without the excruciating volume.

Tastefully restrained, but they still maintain a fire....two of the BEST all-round musicians in Middle Ga.


The Window Liquors

Scott Pallot

Scott Pallot is the consummate professional artist. 14 Years spent in Nashville as a songwriter, he has made friends with some of the most recognizable names in the business.

 Quite flexible, he’s performed for three Presidential Inaugurations, the Olympics as well as Nashville’s premier listening room, the Bluebird Cafe. He not only performs cover tunes from James Taylor to Train, but is also writes his own songs that range in ages from eight to eighty.

While playing the Nashville scene in the nineties, he signed with a children’s label (Jimmy Jangle Records) and took the stage name Scooter. In one short year, Scooters album “Calling All Kids” was nominated for a Grammy and captured the Parent’s Choice Recording Honors. His second album “Miles of Smiles” won the American Library Ass. Most Notable Children’s Recording. Seven of his song from the first two albums played in rotation on a 24-hour Children’s Satellite Network; including his smash hit “Super Duper Dancing Sneakers” which spent six months on Radio Aahs(Radio Disney) Top Ten. His music is currently being played throughout the country on digital cable’s Music Choice channels.

He was also included in a compilation CD with Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Robin Williams. As Scooter he also enjoys touring with “Kidstock”, a troupe comprised of some the finest names in children’s entertainment.

Scott has enjoyed producing the music for his brothers (Flip Pallot) award winning ESPN show “Walkers Caye Chronicles”, and is now producing the music for his new show on the VERSUS sports channel “Flip Pallot Fishing the Keys”.

During his career in music he has enjoyed sharing the stage with Marshall Tucker, Charlie Daniels Band, Doctor John, Sub Dudes, Heart, Yoko Ono Band, Fresh Out, Tom Scholtz (Boston), Dobie Gray, Styx, Grand Funk Railroad, Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf, Loose Skrews, Christopher Cross, Jefferson Starship, Sammy Hagar, Blue Oyster Cult, Badfinger, America, Mitch Ryder, Jim Kimball, Joan Jett, Black Hearts, Rare Earth, Crystal Gale, Richie Havens, The Chambers Brothers, Three Dog Night, Dwight Yoakam and Waylon Jennings. Local artist Chris Neal says: "Scott Pallot is the kind of player, other players strive to be."

 His PA system designs have produced the tone, clarity, and 'crispness' envied by every acoustic musician who hears him. Kind and approachable, he has mastered the art of making friends with his audience. After 5 minutes of conversation, you feel as though he is a guy you would want to go fishin' with. Friend him on Facebook and catch his live show whenever you get the chance.

How to get a gig at MidGaLive

  If you are a new local band, WELCOME! It is my goal to revive Middle Ga's music scene by bringing new musicians into the fold.  Let me...