Matt Moncrief

Matt evolved from church choral boy to imaginative teen, fledgling artist, aspiring bass player and finally an open-eyed adult with the natural identity as a bona fide singer-songwriter. Born to an artistic family that counted his mother as a singer, his father as a guitar and piano player, his grandfather as a violin maker and his older brother Chris as his cohort in guitar lessons, Matt displayed his vocal talent as a child and became a regular soloist at his familys Baptist church in their hometown of Macon, Ga.

At the age of nine, he was given his first guitar and began taking lessons. A year later he picked up the bass and continued his training, which was focused on building from a classical foundation. By the time Matt was in sixth grade, he had secured his place as a bass player in his brothers garage rock band of high school seniors and playing regular gigs at local parties. When he wasnt playing in the band, he could still be found singing in his church choir under the watch of a methodic choral director, as well as attending summer camps and workshops focused on nurturing his artistry.

But it was at the age of 16 that Matt began solidifying his reputation as a talented musician. He and Chris continued playing together and inviting other musicians to join them. Eventually it evolved into the band Red Fish Blu Fish, a regionally acclaimed folk/alternative rock outfit that went on to record three CDs, make its way to college radio and tour the southeastern bar and festival circuit. All of this popularity was evidenced by a loyal and expansive fan base, one that frequently carried over to Matts solo shows. What started as a four-piece outfit ultimately returned to the Moncrief brothers combo.

After 10 years of playing together, Chris went on to become a music educator, classical music performer and family man. And while Red Fish Blu Fish occasionally reunites for select dates, the majority of Matts performances in past years have been as a solo artist. Now 32-years-old, Matt says he finally has enough life experience to call himself a songwriter. Although he began co-writing songs in RFBF, it wasnt until he left his teens that he felt comfortable personalizing his music.

Today, he is well known as the epitome of a 'player with passion'. Local artists are in awe oh his ability to put himself "in the music"- Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter, Scott Pallot, says "Matt bleeds every time he takes the stage."

 Although he retains an extensive cover repertoire to keep in tune with his audience, Matt remains focused on delivering a tight catalogue of original songs. In 2009 he founded "Stoopgrass", his full band outlet for original music.

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