John Stanley Band

John Stanley Killingsworth, known as Stan Killingsworth, toured with the Bobby Whitlock Band soon after Bobby relocated to Macon after working with Blind Faith, with Eric Clapton, and Stevie Winwood. Bobby went on to work with Delaney and Bonny as well as George Harrison.
Stan also toured with The Brooks Brothers Band featuring Tim Brooks. Tim Brooks won Best Overall Guitarist as well as Best Slide Guitarist in Guitar Player Magazines' 25th anniversary international contest in 1992.
Stan performed with Moondawg, Midnight Bluez, Cosmic Groove, Soulshine, and The Tony Tyler Trance, as time flew by.
Well, get ready for his next project, The John Stanley Band. If you are looking for a cool blend of blues, classic rock, southern rock, and originals, the John Stanley Band will treat you to a multitude of musical styles across several decades.
Don't miss The John Stanley Band when they come to your neck of the woods.

Genres: Rock / Classic Rock / Southern Rock
Label: CrossChart Records, Cross Chart Records (478) 737-2077
Management: CrossChart Entertainment Group

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