Welcome to the MidGaLIVE Database!!

We've put a lot of bands on this site, and we hope you will be a part of the solution!

Bands in Middle Ga have a unique problem. We push for a musically innovative future, while simultaneously giving a nod to our innovative past. We had the Ga Music Hall of Fame- and we lost it. Sadly, it was a long time coming. There just wasn't enough interest in the area to support it, and unfortunately, not much has changed.

We have a GREAT music scene here in Middle Ga., and the more attention that is brought to our musicians and venues, the more attention will be brought to the area.

Many bands from here travel all over the state. They are the ambassadors of our area. Let's help to promote them as just that- Great bands seeking Great venues!

When someone is looking for a band and /or venue to entertain their guests ( local venue, private party, wedding, or corporate event), they can see us ALL here! This will also open a few doors for those of us who don't get the high profile gigs, or those of us that have a very limited internet presence.
Here's how you can help....

1. Go through the archive and find a band or venue that needs your help!! Or, choose a band or venue that you are familiar with.

2. Post a comment to let people know about them. Links to their Facebook pages, fan sites, Youtube videos; Anything you think will help build attention for them!

3. If you notice a band or venue is missing, (or if they are no longer in business) fill out the contact form and post a comment there. Tell me who they are and whatever info you know. I'll fix it. Quick.

I will promote this little site as much as I can, and we hope you will, too. 

Thanks for helping the MidGaLIVE music scene! Hope to see you out!!!


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