Make Money With Your Hottie

Let’s face it; musicians get the hotties. If you are a musician, your girl/guy is among the most attractive in the area. The better the performer, the more attractive his/or her partner is.

Having someone you can trust in the crowd is always a plus. They will let you know when things are not right, or maybe give you a little a nudge in the right direction.
But they can also help you promote yourself better.

How? Well, I’ll need your help in filling in the blanks.
The Clap
People need a leader. They do not know it’s worth applauding until someone starts it off. That little bit of excitement coming from a good looking woman, is usually enough to get everyone else to believe that you are pretty damn good. You must be, right?
Get Her Friends Involved
Women travel in packs. So if you can get your woman to get her pack of girlfriends together, big things can happen for you. Initiating crowd response is a start, but you need them out there as your little army of fanatics.

Your woman can help out quite a lot with the promo pics. A small inexpensive digital camera doesn’t have great quality, but it will get you through if used creatively.Her friends can either get people up and moving OR help to gather a large group up to the front of the stage. Any pics that show YOU playing to a large group of ravenous fans can only help, right?
T-shirts and Toys
Tshirts have historically been a powerful promotional tool. If they are designed well, and people like your band, they’ll throw down ten bucks for it. It’s great for advertising, and you will only have to make the initial investment.

What ways are you getting YOUR mate involved?

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