Need Extra Money?...... Be a Booking Agent Part 2

To work as a booking agent......I prefer the term "Booking Partner" need to know a little bit about the things the band looks at when they do their own booking. Your results should be greater than the results they had before you came along....but consistent with the bands perspective of the details. Of course you'll do things differently, but hopefully better.

Here are some terms you should be familiar with. You should also find out how and if these things affect your band.
1.The dreaded 1099.
2. House PA
3. Door
4. % of Sales
5. Merch Sales
6. Ticket sales
7. Set up and Tear down situation. (How difficult will it be, how early can you set up and sound check...etc.?)
8.  PRO License- This may not affect your band, per se', but I think it's something to look for.

Here is an example of a list ofconcerns that you and the band need to figure out. Feel free to copy and use to make your pitch to the band.

I need 6 things from you…
1. DO NOT BOTHER LIST-List of venues/ cities/ days of the week that I will not be paid for when booked. These should be venues that you have played at before, or venues that you will be able to book yourself with ease. I WILL CHARGE YOU A BOOKING FEE FOR ALL OTHER VENUES BOOKED, NO MATTER WHO BOOKS IT. I am advertising for you through every channel possible and there is no way to know how far my advertising has reached. The alternative would be that I have COMPLETE EXCLUSIVITY in booking you at venues. If you do not provide this list, it means that you do not want to have the option to book yourself anywhere.
List it as :
Venue                                                City                              

2. MILEAGE Starting point for calculating distance. One band members’ address, or landmark centered between band members locations. I will add 1 dollar per mile/per band member to the bands fee for any travel beyond 50 miles from:


Public venue
flat rate*________
 Judgement call-Amount you have charged/would charge….This will help me make a judgement call
Crickets wr (max 75)_____________

Hummingbird(macon) (max 190) ______________

WildWings(northmacon)(max 260) _____________

*if you set a flat rate, I will only charge you 10%.

For private parties-
Flat rate*__________
  Judgement call-Amount you have charged/would charge…. This will help me make a judgement call
pool party 20 -50 ________
small wedding reception 50-100_______
large wedding reception (Or NYE) 100+___________

*if you set a flat rate, I will only charge you 10%.

All Thursday, Friday, Saturdays are mine. If you are not available, or if you book something on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday- I get 10% (unless it is on the DNB list) and you MUST LIST IT ON the Calendar on (Password is midga- Do not list an end date)
ALL BOOKINGS for Thursday, Friday, Saturday Will BE LISTED ON THE Calendar. It’s how I’ll get paid.
In the event of double booking, the one listed on the calendar first, will take precedence and the other gig will have to be rescheduled or cancelled.

5. BOOKING FEE- At the beginning of each month, I’ll send you an invoice. You can pay me then….with a check or through paypal.

Note* If you are doing a flat rate my fee will be 10% for all bookings.
If the rate is a judgement call, I’ll get 15% for the first gig at a venue, and 10% for every gig at that venue as long as we work together.

6. PROMO MATERIALS- I’d prefer to create these myself and you pay half the cost. It will consist of a post card sized flyer on card stock. These will direct the venue to my phone number or the band page on MidGa All other promo/press will be in digital format that you will maintain.

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