Big Daddy and Company

These guys really get the crowd moving. I saw them take a club and turn it completely upside down......The night began with a decent sized crowd, and within 30 minutes, the dance floor was full people were groovin' away.

Paul (Big Daddy) Carreker knows how to get the crowd hoppin'. He picks the right songs at the right time. He lifts them up with the dance grooves and let's them rest with the slow jams. He keeps this combination going all night long, and unlike many frontmen, he'll get out there and dance too!

He can belt out the soul like a man twice his age, and he'll pull rock, blues, or funk out of his backpocket like a surgeon selecting a scalpel. It's on, people; It's ON.

The band has the skills to back him up and everyone walks away spent. They put their heart and soul into all they do and the crowd eats it up. It's no wonder the venues love 'em. They get the crowd sweating and folks have to replenish those liquids somehow. OH. There's a waitress ready to get you hydrated.
What more could you want?

From their facebook bio: We are a hot new Dynamic Variety Band, We play many different types of music. We have a little something for all music likes, and tastes. All the members comprise a wealth of years of music and experience and knowledge on the local music scene.


Lead Singer, Band Leader Paul Carreker "aka" Big Daddy, Percussion, James Hayes, Lead Guitar, Eddie Stevens, Bass Guitar, Vocals Eric MaGouirk, and Keyboards, Mike Harrell.

For booking contact Big Daddy himself at 478-297-1035.....and tell him I sent ya!

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