Our advertisers are more interested in helping the community than promoting their charitable activities. So they are not likely to tell you the great things the do for local schools, charities and the special needs community....

...and out of respect to them I won't mention specifics here either.

Just know that the profits made by our advertisers goes right back into the community. These are NOT the corporate types that take their private jet to buy their girlfriend a gourmet coffee at some obscure bed&breakfast on the west coast. They are serious business owners whose focus is to make the world a better place. "Start Local, Go Global" is their mantra and charity is their middle name.

So please feel free to use these LOCAL advertisers. If you want to access them through the link in the ad, you can rest assured that it is a safe method. But If you would prefer to just type in their URL, that would be fine too. You can help the local community and get top-notch services at the same time.

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